Molecules 'R' Us

by Little Eris

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The original Little Eris self produced demo album now available in high quality digital files and available online to buy for the first time.


released June 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Little Eris UK

“South Wales' homegrown electro pop miracle, a sparkling glitch fairy of the urban woods”. The Sprout

“You’ve got to love Little Eris – she’s the antithesis of reality TV music on every level, and therefore deserving of your full attention”. Buzz Magazine
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Track Name: Short Time
Such a Short Time
Track Name: The Internet Really Sux
Wait for me
And I'll wait for you
Wait two days coz it's all brand new
Oh oh oh what's a girl to do
You get in touch right out of the blue
I hadn't heard from you
Oh oh oh what's a girl to do

We make the connection
Track Name: Death of a Princess
Conversations to me are a bore
I cannot laugh at jokes anymore
Imagine that
Nothing is funny
No hahaha heeheehee
Oh so serious watching out for next assault on your soul

Talking to who you know is a chore
I say hello
So sorry I left my brain at the door
I say hello , you say hello
I say hello
And nothing much more
Track Name: Karma to You
I'll give you everything I've got
I aint got much but it's still a lot

Everything you do, will come back to you
Everythign you say, will come back again

I'll give you everything
Track Name: Don't Stop
I started learning a long time ago

Don't stop til I say go
Track Name: Energy
Here is a song,
It's not very long, but,
Here's a song about energy

E N E R G Y energy

Scalar Physical Quantity

Track Name: I Met You
I met you long time ago
When I fell out of the night
See your eyes and you knew me
We reach out to touch the light
Empty streets and beer cans
The city was a sleeping giant
You said 'Come with me'
I said no
'Sorry but I have to go'

We said goodbye whilst holding tight

Been spending most our lives living in a past time paradise

I met you so long ago
But not in this place or time
Just one look is all it took
For me to know that you were once mine
On the pavement
In the dark
Before the sun and city wake
We connected and we felt it
The vibrations made my soul shake
The vibrations make your soul shake

Been spending most our lives living in a past time paradise
Track Name: Particles
I have seen the moon shine through the trees
Making shadows on your lovely face of branches twigs and leaves
Fingertips like electricity
Just one touch against my skin
You win me over and I let you in

Walk with me through the night
We will find a stone high on a mountain and watch the city lights
Sparkle 'til the sun is in the sky
As the music plays inside us and we melt into a million rays of particles
Track Name: Catch a Spirit
Air moves fast
Speak no words
Time will pass us by
Time will pass

Music is loud
Catch a spirit
In the crowd
Track Name: Dreamer
What can you do
But just dream of a better way
What can you do
Always be true
What ca you do

Hold on, hold on, hold on

What can you do
But just give your heart away
What can you do
Just love so true
What can you do

Hold on, hold on, hold on

What can you do
But just sail on seas of change
What can you
Sail on through
What can you do

Hold on, hold on, hold on
Track Name: Bounce Back
You can wait forever for that knock upon your door
You can live forever, always wanting more
Or you can make a choice right now
And see what we are here for
You can make a choice right now and see what we are here for yeah

Ah, mmmmmmmmmmm

Ah, yeah!